Industrias Geoambientales Montecristi S.A.

Industrias Geoambientales Montecristi S.A. is constituted in the canton Portoviejo, province of Manabí in the year 2017. Company with 100% Ecuadorian capital, with innovative technology in the production of blankets for erosion control and slopes stabilization. We focus our activities on the development, production, sales and marketing of products made from natural and synthetic fibers, under parameters of social and environmental responsibility.

Currently, Industrias Geoambientales Montecristi S.A. develops different mantles for Erosion Control, re-vegetation and slopes stabilization, which have gone through various tests in laboratory and field.


Opportunities in the Region

  • We prioritize the USE of raw material produced in Ecuador.
  • High demand for erosion control blankets in the Region.
  • We are strategically located a few minutes from the seaport of MANTA.
  • We have three production lines for the manufacture of erosion control, temporary and permanent blankets.
  • 80% raw material and 100% Ecuadorian labor.
  • Attention and direct delivery to the customer.
  • Strong investment in RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT of products and development of services.

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