Erosion Control Blankets, Project: Tahual, Cuenca-Azuay

  • Start date: September 21, 2017
  • Completion date: October 5, 2017
  • Builder: Pivaltec S.A.
  • Place: Provincia de Azuay – Cantón Cuenca – Sector El Descanso – Cerro Tahual
  • Quantity: 1.500,00 m2
  • Product: DOSELBRUGG G-80
  • Sinopsis:PIVALTEC S.A., contracted with  MTOP (Ministry of transport and public works) the installation of a dynamic Barrier RXE 5,000 on the slope of the road Desacanso – Paute sector: Tahual, at a height of 150.00 m from the road. This dynamic barrier would prevent large rocks (about 8 m3) from falling into the road, but below this barrier there was an area where you could see small stones that could fall off and fall onto the road. In order to prevent this from happening the MTOP decided that a mantle should be placed to prevent these stones from falling off and falling to the track, for this reason the mantle DOSELBRUGG G 80 was chosen, this is a permanent mantle with reinforcement of a DELTAX high strength metal mesh, is anchored on the slopes with steel bars, in this case, at a depth of 1.50 m.

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