Erosion Control Blankets, Project: Mompiche-Esmeraldas

  • Start date: June 1, 2017
  • Completion date: June 15, 201
  • Work: Slope protection for platform located in government housing plan using GMAT-VT400 geomats.
  • Contractor: Ing. Pablo Izquierdo Rivera
  • Extension: 5.184,00 m2
  • Product: GMAT-VT400.
  • Conclusions:-We worked on the placement of 1440 m2 of non-woven geotextile for breakwater.-The work consisted in the use of the natural fiber mat GMAT-VT400 for the protection of 5184 m2 of slopes built in the government-housing plan.-This mat is one of the first that was made, which was placed with great care to avoid its deterioration.

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